Harbinger study of potential economic benefits of a new National Park Service unit in Alabama’s Mobile-Tensaw River Delta released.

From 2013-2014, under contract with New Venture Fund, Harbinger consulted with an informal coalition of organizations on potential economic impacts of conservation designations in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta and bluffs region, and on compatible tourism development.

Harbinger’s preliminary evaluation examined how a National Park Service unit, such as a National Park and Preserve, might help develop the economic potential of the patchwork of natural, cultural, and historical sites in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta and surrounding region. It found that economic impacts could vary widely depending upon many factors, such as how the park and preserve is configured; the types of visitor facilities and services developed; the extent to which surrounding communities support, promote, and enhance visitors’ park experience; and how well discreet sites and events are coordinated and promoted to create more cohesive offerings for visitors.

The study found that, by its tenth year, a National Park and Preserve that is complemented by additional natural and cultural tourism development in the Delta region could support up to 1,074 new jobs in the seven-county region, primarily in areas away from the beaches, where most tourism activity is currently focused.

Download the technical and public reports here.