Waco Mammoth National Monument beat Harbinger’s projections for visitor activity and revenue figures for 2016, its first full year of operation.

Park staff report that about half of 2016 visitors were national park travelers who specifically wanted to visit a national monument, underscoring the benefits of a sustained community effort to get National Park Service involvement with the city-run Waco Mammoth Site. President Obama designated a National Park Service National Monument on July 10, 2015.

In 2016, the park showed a significant boost in visitor activity and revenue:

  • Visitation —  up 107%
  • Revenue from tours, educational programs, special events, and gift shop sales — up 76%
  • Revenue from guided tours, despite a price reduction upon designation — up 70%

This performance dramatically outstripped the projections made in a 2015 Harbinger assessment. The park welcomed nearly three times more visitors than our estimates for Year One. We’ve never been so pleased to be wrong! Find the fact sheet here.