Education and engagement

Harbinger excels at helping people learn and make connections. Whether for kids, teachers, community members, or specialized audiences, Harbinger develops instructional materials and programs that cross boundaries, make technical concepts accessible, engage…and work.

Take advantage of Harbinger’s years of experience developing instructional activities, curriculum materials, and educational programs. Put Harbinger’s expertise in community engagement and environmental education to work for you. Benefit from a collaborative approach that engages teachers, content experts, students, and community resources from the start of your education or engagement project to its successful conclusion.

Use Harbinger’s interpretive approach to economic and policy analysis as a springboard for developing eye-opening and conversation-starting tools for communities and leaders.


How Harbinger can help

• Translate complex or technical information into easy-to-understand educational materials.

• Put education in context—for example, regional science and environmental education curricula that teach big ideas close to home, classroom activities that help make concepts meaningful and memorable, and community issue guides that provide a new lens for opening up open discussions and learning.

• Make you say, “Ah-ha, I get it!”

• Engage government and business leaders, the general public, or specific audiences in learning and dialogue.

• Help develop community partnerships and support involving media, public officials, education institutions, businesses, and non-governmental organizations.


Services include

• Collaborative design, research, and writing.

• Design and implementation of educational programs and community engagement processes.

• Curriculum and instructional activity development.

• Facilitator training, and workshop planning and facilitation.

• Project design and management.



Sample projects

U.S. Agency for International Development and Project WET International Foundation — Developed a series of classroom instructional activites and a children’s educational booklet on water, sanitation, hygiene, and health for distribution to schools throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

The National Geographic Society and Greater Yellowstone Coalition — Design and support for a public process leading to publication of a Geotourism MapGuide to promote appropriate, sustainable tourism in the region surrounding Yellowstone National Park. Our involvement includes web design, project promotion, map site selection, interviews, and content writing.

Environmental Issues Forums Harbinger participated in the creation of four issue discussion guides and developed facilitator training and train-the-trainer programs. More than 300 facilitators and trainers took Environmental Issues Forums discussions to citizens in forums and students in classrooms across the U.S. and Canada.

Ho‘ike o Haleakala — Collaborated with Haleakala National Park, The Nature Conservancy, Hawai‘i Natural History Association, and Maui teachers and scientists to develop a 975-page supplemental high school science curriculum. Units blend science disciplines, resource management, traditional culture, and current issues. Design and layout work; consultation on planned CD-ROM, website, and future project activities.

National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education — Through an extensive consultation and review process, wrote national environmental education standards and guidelines. Documents include guidelines for achievement for K-12 learners, development of educational materials, and educator preparation.

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