Idea incubator

Whether you suffer the entrepreneur’s curse of having six new ideas before breakfast every day, or you have just one favorite idea that seems a world away, Harbinger can help you move from dream to reality. Turn your idea into a new business, social venture, nonprofit organization, cooperative, community group, website, product, service, or project.

Draw on Harbinger’s experience with over 100 startups and dozens of new products. You will learn shortcuts, ways to cut costs and increase your leverage, and how to take the next step and the one after that. Let’s get started.


How Harbinger can help

• Evaluate concepts. Design innovative business, social venture, and organization models. Help with product formulation and prototyping.

• Integrate business goals with social, environmental, and/or community development aims.

• Develop business, marketing, and membership plans. Fund, finance, and plan for the future. Protect your intellectual property and investment.

• Incorporate simple and effective tools for communication, management, and making decisions.

• Arrange for manufacturing, distribution, fulfillment, and export.

• Website and social media design and development. Networking and shared learning.


Sample clients and projects

Joynus Japan (Osaka) and Abios (Tokyo) — Product research, formulation, packaging research, and contract manufacturing for these Japanese nutritional products sales companies (direct sales and wholesale).

Women’s Voices for the Earth — Assistance with organizational design and formation, establishment of consensus decision-making process and member training

Three Rivers, a center for community developmentFull range of startup services for this innovative, community-governed, model community development corporation (CDC). Also provided startup and support services to dozens of Three Rivers incubator clients.

Community Land Trust Investment Fund — Concept development for this vehicle to provide private investment for community land trust properties

Pier 50 Trading Company — Full array of startup services for this new Internet-based trading company.

SEED Hope — Concept development, organizational design and formation for this young nongovernmental organization that supports whole community development through the vehicles of education, environmental and cultural respect, community economic development, social enterprise, and appropriate technology.

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