Strategic direction and capacity building

In the same way that new information and new perspectives can support changes outside your organization, a fresh look can also prompt internal adjustments. Harbinger helps you gather, analyze, and interpret critical information and perspectives to inform decisions about how to move forward.

Harbinger’s economic and policy analyses typically result in a slate of recommendations for program development, leverage points for greater impact, and strategies likely to bear fruit.

Harbinger also works directly with businesses and nonprofits on organizational improvement. Is your company or organization is just getting by, leaving much of its potential unrealized? Harbinger can help you rediscover innovation, efficiency, and fulfillment—and make your organization great. Because “good enough” never is.


How Harbinger can help

• Turn economic or policy analysis into an action plan.

• Assess organizational performance and upgrade communication, work, and decision-making processes, aligning these with your mission and philosophy.

• Set strategic directions for initiatives, organizations, and turnarounds.

• Integrate business and social goals, and support social ventures.


Services include

• Economic and policy analysis that includes peer sites, scenarios, and recommendations for action to achieve goals.

• Validated assessments of organizational performance and collaborative plans for improvement.

• Assistance with strategic, marketing, fundraising, and capital campaign planning, training, and implementation.

• Self-sustaining nonprofit programming.

• Facilitation, training, and coaching in meeting management, consensus decision-making, and working group coherence.

• Board of directors training and retreats.


Sample projects

Oasis Wellness Network/Univera Life Sciences— Validated assessment of employee performance and well-being, and organizational performance; personal and professional development training for corporate personnel and distributors

Nonprofit community and environmental organizations — Strategic planning; board of directors training and retreats; design of decision-making and record-keeping processes and coaching in their implementation; training in meeting facilitation and management

State and local government agencies — Meeting planning and facilitation; decision-making training; personal and professional development training

Konawaena Middle School — Teacher and administrator evaluation and professional development

Good Earth Market Board of directors training and assessment; design of decision-making and record-keeping structure; training in consensus decision-making process

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